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Welcome to the agora, where people show up and offer something to others- goods to trade, philosophy, meeting people. A true agora is spontaneous and doesn't have a top-down authority, but is full of play, independent choice and unexpected discoveries. Our podcast addresses the loss of agoras today. Our aim is to overcome those barriers using the three tools of empowerment: relationships, wisdom and independence. Because when one person gets disconnected, we all lose the power of their potential. Let's revive the third space and step: Into The Agora. Hosted by Chase Storm Gielda and Nemo Sundry

Nov 2, 2019

This episode of Into the Agora features Women’s Coach and Speaker, Heather Whelpley on the topic of creativity. We focus on the relationship between creativity and enlightenment, seeking a deeper understanding of what it is and why it can be so powerful.